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RE :Sign up for Super Fast Broadband


 Many of you saw the article in last weeks County Press encouraging local people and businesses to show their support for bringing super-fast broadband to the whole Island.


Whilst BT has recently made announcements on investments in Ryde Newport, Cowes and Ventnor it is important to ensure the technology is available to those in the more rural areas of the Island.


 The Isle of Wight Council is investing £3m – matched by Government funding - to bring the technology to areas where without public subsidy this investment in infrastructure would not happen.


 To ensure the match funding can be drawn down from Government, the Island needs to demonstrate its demand for super-fast broadband.


In order to do this the council has set up a page on its web site.


Please register your support by visiting the site at and provide your post code. In addition, residents can also fill out a questionnaire to tell  more about their broadband needs. The levels of demand in particular areas could influence the roll out of super fast broadband.


There is a pdf version of the questionnaire which can be printed for those who do not have internet access or a copy can be requested by phoning 823653

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